Tony Robbin has had over 25 solo exhibitions of his painting and sculpture since his debut at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1974, and been included in over 100 group exhibitions in 12 countries. Robbin holds the patent for the application of Quasicrystal geometry to architecture, and has implemented this geometry for a large-scale architectural sculpture at the Danish Technical University in Lyngby, Denmark, (recently destroyed) as well as one for the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Tony Robbin, in addition to Shadows of Reality, is also the author of the book Engineering a New Architecture, published by Yale University Press in 1996 and also the book Fourfield: Computers, Art & the Fourth Dimension, published in 1992 by Bulfinch Press/ Little, Brown & Company. He has also contributed chapters to two anthologies: Beyond The Cube, J. Francois Gabriel, ed. John Wiley and Sons, 1997, a collection of essays on engineering, and Visual Mind II, published by MIT Press in 2005. He has written 24 papers and articles, mostly for peer review publications, and lectured to professional organizations and university departments of art, physics, mathematics, computer science, architecture, and engineering in the United States, in Europe and Japan, including engineering society meetings in Atlanta, Copenhagen, Guilford, and Budapest.

Tony Robbin is a pioneer in the computer visualization of four-dimensional geometry. Since 1981, his realtime rotation programs of four-dimensional figures have been useful for obtaining an intuitive feel for four-dimensional and quasicrystal space. The original dos versions are available for free download from this website (a dos window will automatically open in Windows).

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