Four Prints

Drawing 53

Drawing 47

Drawing 48

Drawing 50

Digital Prints

Tony Robbin has produced digital print editions of a selection of his computer drawings. The prints are approximately 30 by 40 inches, and are on heavy 300 gram Arches watercolor paper, with UV protected inks, in editions of less then 10. Light exposure studies show the prints to be colorfast. The prints are composed with Formian software, and also software of Robbin's own design.

These drawings combine all the best elements of Robbin's previous work on paper, and are full realizations of his ideas. Since digital technology has the potential for multiple, distinct, transparent overlays, these prints braid lattices in ways that are paradoxical in three dimensions but are natural when four dimensions are projected into three. "Many spaces in the same place at the same time" is a formal strategy for visualizing the fourth dimension that has occupied him for decades.

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