A Database of 2,500 Quasicrystal Cells
The paper presents quasicrystal cells computed by Robbin in the late 1980s and updated by Kurt Baumann in April, 2018. The database is in a form that can be converted and read by a variety of geometry programs. Long-time collaborator George Francis is also an author. The paper has been accepted for inclusion in the prestigious archive.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva
Le Consortium, Dijon
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva MAMCO will host the first of several exhibitions of the P&D movement of the 1970s and 1980s, of which Robbin was a founding member. The exhibition will run in Geneva from October, 2018 until February, 2019. Organized by Le Consortium, Dijon, it will be on exhibit in Dijon from April until September, 2019. Other exhibitions of this important movement are to follow.